From Michigan to Minneapolis and Back

11:35 PM


I've just gotten back from a mission trip with my church. We travelled 14 hours all the way from Michigan to Minnesota. Sadly, I don't have any pictures to share just yet, but perhaps I will in the future when they get uploaded. All week I got to work with kids at a camp in a slightly rough part of Minneapolis, I was placed with a girl named Leslie going in to the 9th grade. Not only was I able to bond with Leslie this week but also fellow Christians from my youth group, and others. I truly had an amazing time that enabled me to be a leader and also dive further into my faith.

Keep in mind, my blog is not going to be all about my faith, but it will be included as this is a big part of me :)

I retuned home yesterday after the long drive, showered, went to bed. When I woke up I was at loss of what to do, my last week had been jam packed with activities and service opportunities. It was really quite sad.

On this mission trip, they had envelopes lined all along one wall with all of our names on them. These envelopes were to house "Care Cards". "Care Cards" are cards that you write to people with words of encouragement, or thanks, or anything you really want I guess as long as it's kind. I decided to read these over while I was bored.

The cards mean a lot to me, some of the nicest things ever said to me are on them. I know it's somewhat wrong to care about other people's opinions of myself, but I do, especially when someone tells me something nice about myself. They influence the way I feel and act after I read them. They bring out my better qualities.

Even though I'm not going into much detail on this trip, I can tell you the most important lesson I learned was to never lose who I am. This was told to me in a care card. Experiences may knock me down but I shouldn't allow them to take away the sweet, gentle person that I am inside. 

Stay true to yourself, 


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