Florida 2014

2:33 PM

Hi everyone! 

I got back from Florida last Sunday and I'm jus getting around to posting about it now! 

We stayed in the Orlando area while taking stops to Tampa and Clearwater one day. I travelled with my mom and little brother, as well as my moms fiancé, two of his daughters, and one of their cousins. It was a blast. 

We visited the Ripleys believe it or not museum which was very funny. I took some picture of some of the things in there but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post those, so I won't :) If you have a rainy day in Orlando going there is a good choice. 

We also went to Universal! I finally got to go to Harry Potter world, which I've been wanting to since it opened. 
Me and my step sister tried butterbeer! I actually didn't like it, which disappointed me :/ 
They're adding Diagon Alley and it's going to be open this summer! I took some pictures of the construction they're doing. 
You can just barely see where it says Kings Cross on the far left building. 
I wish we could have good when it's open, but that just means I'll have to take another trip :)

We also went to Disney! 
Space Mountain is by far my favorite ride. I can't stop laughing while I'm on it, that's how fun it is. 
And of course we went back at night to see the fire works!

Other than those very fun things, we also went to a Tampa Bay lighting game and they were playing the Columbus blue jackets. That was very fun. We went to the beach and also dolphin watching! It was an awesome week. 

Wishing I was still in paradise,


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