DIY Grad Party Gifts

10:29 PM

Hey guys! Here's a fun gift to give to any of your friends/family that are graduating this year! It can be put in a dorm room as a decoration to give any room a little bit of spirit :)


Wood (any size, bought or scrap from home)
Small nails 
Friendship bracelet string
Printed College logo
Paint colors of choice
Acrylic gloss coating


1. If you're starting from scratch, cut your wood to your desired size, I cut a long board into 8 x 8 squares. 

2. Sand your pieces of wood so that you and the present recipient doesn't get any splinters :)

3. Paint the wood with the desired color. 

4. While allowing time for the paint to dry, go to your computer and print out your logo!

5. Spray your dried, painted wood with your acrylic coating, giving it a glossy look. 

6. Position your logo on your piece of wood. 

7. Begin nailing over the logo until you have the outline/shape completed. TIP: the more nails you use, the more string-decoration will go onto your board...this tends to look better. 

8. DO NOT PEEL OFF YOUR LOGO YET...if you do, you'll lose track of what the nails were meant to be in front of: First use your string, zig-zagging it and outlining your logo! Be sure to knot it at the beginning. 

9. After you're satisfied with your string, tie it off and cut the excess string off. 

You now have a quick, fun gift for any grad party :)  

I'm so excited to give these to my friends!

 Until next time,


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