DIY Letter Decor!

7:27 AM

DIY Letter Decor!
by Brooke (brookewrote)

Hello everyone! I've recently made something new that's going to go in my new bedroom at our new house, and in my dorm room! I'm also going to use it as a decoration at my graduation party, so it's very versatile :)

Shopping List:
~Wood Block Letters from Michaels ($4.99 a piece)
     ~for a less expensive option, pick up cardboard letters! 
~Optional Secondary Piece (I used an anchor, $2.50)
~White Paint Primer (should be no more than $0.99 for a small bottle)
~Color Paint (Any color you wish! I used a black that we had in our basement, but again you should be able to get a small bottle of acrylic paint for no more than $1)
~Additional Decorations (ie. Glitter! This was $1.29 per small bottle at Michaels)
Clear glue
~A piece of cardboard
~Modgepodge or Acrylic coating 


1. Go to your local craft store! This is always the most fun step :) and really I don't need to include it, but it's the BEST PART so why would I omit it!

2. Prime your letters with the primer (don't forget to set up your area)
     ~I did this the night before I did the project

3. Once dry, slap some black paint on those babies.
     ~I did multiple coats, waiting for each one to dry before I put another one on. Be sure to get the insides and edges just as good as the tops!

4. Coordinate tape the way you want it!
     ~This would be the step where you begin doing any other kind of decoration on your letters that you want, but if you're following my lead, add your tape to your pieces now.
     ~ Be sure that your paint is dry before you do this step! Don't get hasty!

5. To put the glitter on, I used my multipurpose clear glue which I spread on using a paper towel and then sprinkled the glitter over the top. 
     ~I alternated between silver and gold, but you can do this any way you like. 

6. Wait until the glitter dries (could take some time) and peel off the tape. 

7. Go over your pieces with either modgepodge or an acrylic coating to secure the glitter! 

Voila! There you have it! I hope you enjoy your new decorations for your room/dorm/party!

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