I'm a Camp Nanowrimo Winner!

7:33 PM

Hey everyone!

This post is about what Brooke actually wrote, and what Brooke is really writing.

Sorry for talking in third person I'm just excited about my URL.

This July I was able to participate in Camp Nanowrimo. Nanowrimo is an organization that tries to get you to write 50,000 words, smack dab in the middle of your insane, busy life. It usually takes place in November, but for years they've been doing a summer program during April and July called Camp Nanowrimo. You can go for the usual 50,000 word goal or you can create your own personal goal.

Since I'm a student and November is usually a busy time for me, I decided to do Camp Nanowrimo this summer during the last July! I set my goal at the usual 50,000 words and I was able to pump out 55, 976 words this July!

I'm so proud of myself for many reasons. Writing is one of my greatest passions, and I feel like I've succeeded in some aspect of it. I wrote a short 30,000 word novella, and now I'm partway through (25,000 words into) what seems to be a huge piece, and will end up around 80,000 words.

I'm so excited.

This wasn't the post I'd had planned for the next one, but I realized I could share these badges and I wanted to share my accomplishment.

There are a lot of published Nanowrimo writers - two that I'm a huge fan of are Rainbow Rowell and Stephanie Perkins. Just the thought that I could someday be as good of a writer as them is amazing. I love thinking about it.

I'm sorry I just keep going on and on about this, I'm just still excited. It's great to share it with people!

Thanks for reading! Maybe someday you'll be reading a lot more from me...in a published book, on the bestsellers shelf, in your local bookstore.

And so Brooke did write....

~ Brooke

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