Reflecting/Rambling on: Night by Elie Wiesel

7:07 PM

In my Introduction to Religion class we are going to be assigned to read Night by Elie Wiesel. I was trying to get ahead and figured that this would be an easy way. I ended up reading the whole thing in a night and a morning. Why? Because it's thought provoking and intriguing.

Of course I knew about the holocaust, most people do. However, I'd never read any personal accounts like Anne Frank's Diary or this book. It was very emotional and all throughout the margins I noticed common words that I scribbled down: sad, terrible, why? 

I've only ever dealt with personal tragedy in my life, meaning something bad that has happened to me specifically in my life. While this was a personal tragedy for Wiesel, it was also a mass tragedy. After reading, I believe that I've grown as a person. It gave me insight on these sorts of things that I don't think I could have had before. That's what reading can do.

There are tragedies all over our world happening, and it pains me to think of anyone feeling things even remotely similar to what Wiesel felt during this time in his life. Something must be done, and I'm still looking for my way to help. (I think that education might be the answer, to give children the ability the read these types of books so that they too can understand and find their place in the world to help. To develop empathy in readers. Everyone has their call to help in this world, and that could be mine.)

In his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, Wiesel reiterated again and again that silence is the worst oppressor, just as bad as those who are doing the oppressing. That is still screaming at me. I'm the quiet one, who sees things and knows about them but can't seem to think of what to do. Which is scary. There are people going through tragedy, every single day, similar to what Wiesel went through. Painful.

Now that I understand, I will find out what I can do. Awareness is one step that needs to be taken, and generating understanding as well. I can hope for a peaceful future but without action it will be nothing near that.

Thanks for reading my ramblings about this story. I highly recommend it; it was truly changing.

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