Allow me to explain myself -

12:08 AM

A lack of inspiration, a drought of heart, a missing soul. These all adequately describe the way I felt toward toward my writing on the page, in a word document, and on this blog from around June to Recently.

I felt lost in my writing pursuits and honestly couldn't find the words for any type of writing I tried - blogs, short stories, camp NaNoWriMo, journaling, anything. 

Recently I've reflected on that, thinking about why I went through this period of painful writing. Writing should never be painful if you love it. I didn't know what happened or where it came from, and it left me feeling inadequate and underachieved in the one thing I truly love - literature and the written word. 

I went through a weird period where I broke up with my boyfriend of three years and moved to my grandparents to work at a bookstore pretty much full time this summer. When I say it like that, it sounds like I went through a quarter-life crisis. It was an amazing experience, I was constantly around readers and sometimes writers, yet I struggled with this aspect of my life outside the store. 

This past month of October, and now into November, my writing has been stronger than ever. I've been encouraged by many around me, including professors, my step dad, mom, peers, and, most importantly, myself. 

For a while I lost track of my dream. Well, I'm back. My blog might be a bit more bookish, but the same amount reflective and a little bit girly. 

I appreciate if you've read this. 

In the words of Adele: Hello, it's me. How are you?  It's so typical of me to talk about myself. 

Lots of love,


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  1. I've experienced similar things. I had a period about a year or so ago where I couldn't write a single thing I was proud of. I'm really passionate about writing, I always have been- anything from poetry to short stories to journaling to formal essays; I love writing in all forms. Regaining your motivation and inspiration for writing is such a beautiful process and I'm so glad you have yours back. Look forward to reading more future posts :)

  2. Welcome back, Brooke! :) I've still always stopped by your blog to see what you might have been up to.
    I think it's very normal to take breaks in between writing, especially when certain things happen in your life. A break can often be a good thing, since you may come back feeling refreshed and ready to go once again.
    Glad to see you back :) Hope you've been well!

    ~Lor @


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