An OwlCrate Delivery

2:59 PM

No, I didn't get my Hogwarts letter by owl...yet (Still convinced that the owl sent to deliver my letter was the dullard of the parliament. Pay no attention to my lack of magic and ever-present muggle-ness).

But I did get the second best thing delivered to my doorstep the other night: an OwlCrate box! OwlCrate is a monthly young adult book subscription box. You can sign up for one month, three months, or six months. In every box you get a new, hardcover YA novel, along with some other bookish goodies. It's guaranteed to be appropriate for age 16+ (Ugh, okay, I'm almost 20. Whatever-- I'm the + in 16+. This Time article will forever be relevant to my life.). My mom ordered me a box to celebrate the end of my first semester of sophomore year in college. So I won't be getting other boxes, unfortunately, unless they're ordered another time.

I arrived home from Chipotle with my little brother, mom, and step-dad, when my mom saw the package on the porch. I pulled it up, jumping when I saw the OwlCrate logo and owl footprints on the box. My mom was nearly as excited as I was. She watched me open it and even almost took a video of me opening it all, because that's what the box tells you to do. (Um, mom, I'm not a video person. Nuh-uh. I prefer to be behind the camera).

Here's what came in my box (SPOILER ALERT):

- First, I found a small journal that allows you to keep track of what books you've read, how much you liked them, as well as areas to write down favorite quotes, authors, etc.

- After that I pulled out a small candle, which really got me going. I love candles. They're warm, fuzzy, cozy, calm, everything I need in my life. Not only that, but this candle is made by a company, Frostbeards Studio, that makes book-lover scented candles. I received the 'Reading at the Café' scent, which smells of coffee beans and chocolate. I don't like drinking coffee, but I do love the smell.

- There was also a magnet by Sandra Vargas on Etsy who creates whimsical looking pieces of art.

- Included next was a to-do list with a cute little octopus reading on it. The first thing I wrote to-do was to write this blog post. It's by boygirlparty, also on Etsy.

Finally, the December novel. They keep this at the bottom of the package, so that the anticipation can rise as you're seeing all of these cute little bookish gifts. This months book is....*drum roll*

Da Vinci's Tiger by L.M. Elliot!

My first reaction was: wut is this book? I've never heard of it. I quickly realized that it was a historical fiction novel, just judging the book by it's cover. I've loved reading historical fiction lately, so I wasn't disappointed.

After reading the short synopsis included in the OwlCrate box, I was even more excited. It reads: "This historical fiction novel takes place during the Renaissance, and follows our heroine as she discovers a world of artists, philosophers and other creatives. When she meets a young Leonardo da Vinci her life changes forever as she learns about her inner desires and creative voice. This is a very well researched novel and is sure to make you feel as if you have gone back in time!"

A small magnet set was also included, and I created my own poem out of it on the whiteboard next to my bed.

I have started the beginning of this book, and am so far intrigued by the research that must have gone into it. As much as I love reading historical fiction, I'm afraid I could never write it. There's already a large amount of research involved in writing a contemporary, dystopian, or fantasy novel to begin with. To write a historical fiction novel, there's only more. I would be way to afraid of getting some aspect of the society wrong. That being said, even what we know about history might not be correct. It's just scary, that's all. So I give Elliot and other historical fiction authors major props, even though it's probably just what they love to do.

Five stars to OwlCrate. I really hope to be receiving more of your subscriptions soon!

Thanks for reading,

P.S.  I debated posting this to Instagram, but decided my friends would think it's too weird. However, the Detroit Lions play tonight (my home team), and I'm not much of a football fan. I'm over here cheering for the real lions. Go Gryffindor! Go lions! 

P.S.S. @JKRowling, why aren't they the Gryffindor Griffins? Just wondering. 

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  1. This month's box is really cool. The book sounds intriguing although, like you, I had never heard of it before. The journal is really pretty too :)


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