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7:08 PM

New job, new major, new summer plans; All of the stress of the past few months is falling into place, and I know that sooner or later the planning for the future will continue, and more paperwork will need to be filled out, more hours will need to be put in, more outlining will need to be done, but it's all in preparation for aspects of my life that I'm passionate about.

On the small scale, I've recently accepted a job at the library on campus in media tech. While my current job is at the desk and most of what I do is my own homework, it's a far change from my previous employment of scanning alumni files to a database. There's also the chance that I will be trained to work in the tech lab, which would provide me with a lot of computer skills. (I love computers. The more I know about them, the merrier. Bloggers can't not like computers.)

A much bigger change has occurred within the past few weeks:I'm changing my major. After romanticizing what it would be like to teach for so long (ie. All of my students will love reading! None of them will be behind! They'll love our in class discussions! I don't need to follow common core!), I faced the facts and recognized that education, becoming a teacher, is not for me. I don't doubt that I would make a good teacher, but I know that it wouldn't be a place where I was ever truly happy. 

That being said, I dropped my education endorsement and am now switching to English and creative writing, something that allows me to be both a systematic and creative thinker. I'm also pursuing classes in media and graphic design. For now, I'm not sure about career, but I know that I have many options that will use my creative and intellectual skills, leaving me feeling satisfied. My dream job would be an author, but I know that I would be happy as a grant writer, magazine writer or designer, graphic designer for a company, or if I played a role in media for a company. Heck, maybe I'll be a full time blogger. I'm not so sure about that, but people do make careers out of it. 

Summer plans are happening too. I've just been accepted to a program at my school to study abroad in Vienna for a month. I'll be taking a four-credit art course while living with a host family in the city. We're going to take two weekend trips as well. 

I'm currently picturing myself exploring the city, having picnics with my journal and a basket of strawberries, looking out over the city on a warm but breezy day. I feel overcome with excitement, the kind that boils up in you and seems to expand to the point of bursting in your chest, only for it to remain there in a bubble, enthusiasm trapped. When this happens, my body doesn't know what to do with it. I usually exclaim, "I'm so excited!" and gallop and dance around my room as if I'm a (rather clumsy) ballerina. It's quite like a baby deer just learning to use their legs, unsure of how to bound about with the new skill that they have. 

In June, I've been offered to research literature under a grant my advisor applied to and received. I'm not totally sure what I'm going to be researching yet, but my advisor has told me that his goal is to get me published. When he told me that, my brain screamed "Eeep!" because what English major desperately wants not to be published; I don't think they exist. We all want to be published, no matter the subject or the type of writing. I'd write a research article on frog's feet if I were told it would be published by a legitimate source. 

After that, I plan on sticking around in my college town and maybe continuing my job at the library if they'll have me there. I'll participate in Camp NaNoWriMo in July, pen my fourth or fifth novel, or edit another. I'll photograph the area, and try to keep you update on this blog. 

I'm just oozing with gratitude for the way things have panned out, and eagerness for the year ahead of me. I have a lot going on, and I'm thankful for that. I wanted to write a post to commemorate the way I'm feeling in this moment - excited, beholden, amazed with God and His plan. 

A few days, weeks, months ago, I was stressing about all of these things. I had to change my entire schedule for my new major, had to file a bunch of forms to apply to go to Vienna (I didn't even think I'd get accepted.), had to break it to my last job that I would be leaving, and then start training at my new job. Things are slowing down. I know they'll speed up and I'll get stressed again, so I need to take advantage of this moment of peace and glory. 

God is so good. Here's to new adventures, brought to me by Him. 

I'm choking up a little bit. 

I'm so happy. 

I hope I look back on this post and remember the good that's to come, and that God has a knack for making things work out eventually. This is His kingdom. I'm so excited to explore it. 

I hope things are well for you all as well, 

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  1. Love reading this. Good luck on the future love


  2. Congratulations on everything, Brooke!! This is truly all exciting, I can't wait to read your future posts on all your adventures :) I think you'd make a fantastic writer in just about any field.

    ~Lor @


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