A Series of Breakdowns and Breakthroughs - A Memoir

9:08 PM

Picture this: your life flashes before your eyes, all you see is a series of every breakdown you've ever had. Do you laugh or cry?

I like to think that I'd laugh. When I write about the times I blew up over something so small, or even big, I get a good kick. Why? Because it's in the past and self-reflection has allowed me to see both how that event worked its way into my current life as well as how minuscule it was in the long run.

A young Brooke pronounces her love for chicken and
fries at a young age while simultaneously imitating
Deb from Napoleon Dynamite without even knowing it. 
I've had more than my fair share of breakdowns, and I think it's time I share them with the world. I tend to be a quite vulnerable writer and this allows readers to relate. It soothes their inner worries about similar experiences they've had. I think I have a lot of wisdom to share via these horrendous meltdowns I've had.

Here's a quick preview: me, red-faced, mouth screaming, on the floor of old navy, a skort (Good riddance, am I right?) crumpled in my hands, my mom in the corner with her head up against the wall, her best friend scolding me for not slipping that torturous garment on, and the rest of the store wondering what the hell is going on in that dressing room.

Or this: Eating leftover spaghetti for dinner when my mom tells my brother and I that she has something to tell us, that our father is in jail and the news has been published on a local news site that most people in town read.

The events vary in degrees of seriousness, but each one felt just as real as the next in the moment they were happening.

I'm not sure if this is something I'll ever try to get published, but I sure am excited to write about it. Sometimes writing a memoir seems conceited, but I think it's really good reflection that could possibly benefit others if done correctly.

Life hasn't always been easy and it never will be. I intend to share that with whoever ends up reading my pieces.


P.s. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. My sorority is going through the rush process right now, which is very important to me, though it doesn't feed me in the same way that writing does. I'm hoping to get back to more blogging soon. 

P.s.s. I'm probably going to redesigning the layout of this page soon, so don't be surprised if you see changes! 

P.s.s. I've been experimenting a ton with watercolors lately for a class I'm in right now! Would anyone like to see?

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  1. The picture of you is adorable! I loved doing that kinda stuff as a kid in class. They somehow made it so fun ;)
    Looking forward to your new blog layout. And I definitely would like to see your watercolours when you get a chance!

    -Lor // acozyspace.wordpress.com

  2. One of the best books I've read so far are autobiographies. The recent memoir I had read was Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah. It was indeed so touching. I hope you've already read it. Autobiographies are the best. They let us feel what the person had been through and it inspires us in a way. I've even blogged about it here.

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit


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