Faith Remodeled

9:10 PM

Over the last two years at college, my faith has become almost the center of my world. The overall goal is for it to become the complete center of my world, but I cannot say that I'm there yet. The progress that I've made since high school has been immense, though.

I started writing this blog as a lifestyle type blog. It has come in and out of my life during busy and not so busy times. I think about this place a lot, though. It has evolved the same way that I have, I like to think.

Recently I took a trip to Highland Park, NJ on a mission trip with a group from my school. I only knew one person going into the group. Coming out of the trip, I miss each and every one of them and get the biggest smile on my face when I see them around campus. I learned loads about what it truly means to serve the Lord and how to keep an intentional relationship with God. I picked up some pretty good faith habits as well.

On the Jersey Shore, we worked to dry wall one house and demolish another to prepare it to be lifted in accordance to state law. We stayed at a church that was super involved in social justice, especially concerning immigrants and refugees. The church helps as many as they can get out of detention centers and find homes, jobs, and support within the church.

I heard stories from refugees who had been persecuted for their faith, thrown in what is essentially a jail for no reason, separated from their families and children, yet still kept such strong faith. I've seen the ways they escape their situation, which they attribute to the grace of God, and jump right into serving God with their whole being.

I think about and pray for these people often.

It has really changed my perspective on life and the world. Seeing people give everything they have, not even five dollars in their pockets, is inspiring.

I don't think the Lord has it planned for me to drop out of college and serve him on my hands and knees. I'm not exactly a physically inclined person. However, I see my strengths that He has given me and want to use them to serve Him.

Coming out of a trip like that feels like a culture shock. How can I continue to pursue my faith in an active way that serves God?

I have pinpointed a few ways to do this, yet they all require intentionality and support.

  1. Doing a daily devotion. I find devotions helpful in the area of my faith that I lack the most in, scripture. This really helps me to stay focused on God's work and keep him in mind throughout the day. 
  2. Prayer. Daily prayer, once or twice a day, is a healthy way to talk to God and stay close to him. I usually make a list of prayers in my journal and pray about them there. Sometimes I just send small prayers to God throughout the day, sort of like a conversation in my head. 
  3. Being kind and supportive. Every one struggles in their daily lives. I can help even a little bit by remaining kind and supportive to those around me. 
  4. Outreach. This one is the most difficult. I want to find places-- soup kitchens, house building and clean up organizations, classrooms, food drives, that I can help. 

None of this can be done without God and the faith community that surrounds me here at school. I would really like to make an effort to keep all of these things in my life. 

Without them, I feel a bit empty. 

Thanks for reading,

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