Möbisch, Austria: Days 1 and 2 of Study Abroad

4:45 PM

Hello from the little Möbisch, Austria,

As it turns out, jet lag is a real thing and I'm not as immune to it as I thought I would be. Go figure. Not being invincible to this matter has caused me quite the exhaustion the last couple of days, but I have a good feeling about tomorrow.

On Tuesday, I began my adventure at the Detroit airport with a fresh but scared feeling of traveling on my own. I teared up in the security line as I watched my mom, waving to me from just outside the ropes. The high stress of the security officials made me tense, but also helped me to focus on that task at hand. None of them would care if I, an almost 20 year old adult, broke down in the security line because I was going to miss my mom.

So I sent myself into big girl mode and went through that queue. After that, I recomposed myself and head to the gate. I wish I could tell you about all the exciting time I had at gate D4, but unfortunately there weren't any. I started reading The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry and nervously tapped my foot for 45 minutes until my friend Ella showed up.

We flew to Chicago, where we met the rest of our group. By this time, I felt pretty okay about traveling across the ocean, but my patience for lines was small and I hadn't eaten since 7:45 that morning. It's safe to say lunch on the other side of security hit the spot.

I'm going to skip all of the waiting around for the plane, and the part where I only slept on the plane for about 1.5 hours and finished the book I'd started that morning. That stunk and it really isn't interesting. Refer to the first paragraph for a summary of how tired I am. My body felt depleted of everything good, especially chocolate.

Despite that exhaustion, our professors told us to try and make it through the day. I did, with one or two short naps to get me through. We drove the bus to Mörbisch, a small town on the border of Austria.

Sometime that I've noticed about Austia already is how beautiful it is. Even the fields, various shades of green that stretch on for miles until the reach hills and continue over them as well, are better here. There are many vineyards as well, something Austria is known for. The amount of windmills shocked me too. How can something so massive and man-made even add to the beauty of the fields? I'm not sure. But they do.

In Mörbisch we settled into our hotel and had lunch, which is quaint and only has wifi in the lobby. While I've considered this an inconvenience, I think it's better for immersing myself and being a part of the group.

After lunch we cleaned up and decided to make the trip to the Austria-hungarian border. The border to Hungary is a pretty short walk from our hotel.

The town of Mörbisch reminds me of any small fairy tale village. The streets are somewhat narrow, with the houses and businesses in small, colored and tall buildings. The architecture is a lot different than the united states. Houses, for the most part, look more geometrical and modern. Buildings in the city look a bit older.

We walked through the town a little and then head toward the border, which is mostly a walk through trees and foliage. The border itself is marked by a painted line on the gravel and a sign that I can't actually read. It was still pretty cool to be in two countries at once, though. Crossed that one off the bucket list.

After dinner and a long meeting regarding Austrian phones, I head to bed.

Today has been filled with meeting learning German; my favorite world is zwolf, pronounced, tsvolf, and it means twelve. My class met as well. It's an Austrian art and architecture class. We're going to be touring all around Vienna, with few lectures in order to fully enjoy the city. I'm not that into art, but the class is going to be a really good experience still. We talked about the question, what is art? I thought this had a simple answer but, as it turns out, it's much more complicated. Is nature art, or is it only inspiration for art? Does art have to be intentional?

For dinner, we went on a boat cruise on Lake Neusiedl, complete with sausage, sauerkraut, bread, and some other type of meat that I don't know the name of. It was a pretty good, Austrian meal.

That pretty much brings me up to date, sorry for the long blog post. I should probably learn to filter out the boring things and the exciting things.

Take care,


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  1. Looks like you had a nice trip, Brooke :)

    -Lor // acozyspace.wordprss.com


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