Things I know to be true

9:34 PM

There are more than three things I know to be true. In an effort to re-start my blog, I'll tell you about the top four:

1. God is good.

That's the most important truth. Before you continue on with this blog, know that I love Jesus with all of my heart. It wasn't always that way, but maybe I can tell that story another time. If it feels preachy to you, I'm going to kindly ask you to leave. I want this space to feel positive for those who visit. I'm also a firm believer in cutting the negativity out of your life, so if you hate this, get out and find something that makes you happy, please.

2. Life is not fair.

This summer, I'm working as a nanny for two children. "That's not fair!" is something that comes out of their mouths on the daily. If you're a mother, father, nanny, babysitter, brother, sister, etc., you've probably heard those exact words, in the exact tone that I intended them to be read.

I usually turn around in the front seat of the car or glance up over the kitchen counter and say, "Life's not fair." Not in a mean, bitter way, but in an honest, patient voice. I'm not trying to tear down their childhood dreams or anything, but kids need to know that one day, life's going to feel a lot more unfair than the time Sam* got ten pretzel chips and Nina* got eleven.

But I also am sure to remind them that just because life isn't fair, doesn't mean it isn't good. Which leads me to my next truth:

3. Life is good.

Life is hard, unfair, and sometimes it really takes you down, drags you into a ravine and ten miles past where you wanted to be. You're also probably naked and stranded in a desert, metaphorically of course. But sometimes, life is slow and easy. Sometimes life shows love, compassion, and builds you a pillow fort to read Harry Potter under with a flashlight. Sometimes life is a popsicle or getting to see your grandma. Sometimes life is seeing someone you love turn to God in a hard time.

Nothing is ever perfect, but the more we understand that perfection can be more about perspective than flawlessness, the more we can understand that life is beautiful despite the messiness.

4. Truths do not have to be neither cold nor hard.

I don't know why everyone thinks that truths have to brutally suck. It's like every time you're being told the truth, you have to be hit with it. Let me tell you, it's the cold, hard truths that can take a good stab at your heart. But the good truths, they flush inside your chest and make you feel alive.

We only notice when we don't get the truth. But what about when we do? Do you notice when your significant lover tells you they love you and they truly mean it? That's the truth. Do you notice when someone tells you you're beautiful? Or when the news comes back better than you thought it would be?

There are some truths that, yes, are cold and hard. You find out that your boyfriend has been cheating on you, or your best friend said something nasty about you behind your back. I'd call the truth of evil in the world cold and hard, but the truth of God joyful and rejuvenating. They don't all have to be so bad.

Sometimes you get the short end of the stick. Sometimes you pull out a whole freaking lollipop (one of those rainbow swirl ones that you always wanted when you were little). And it is wonderful. Yes, it is.

Life is full of give and take. I'm learning that the more I find God in my life, the more I see life as good, the more I understand the unfairness, the more I see the beauty in life's flexibility between stable and unstable, scary and safe, or hard and fuzzy. The more I see and discover God, the more I know or don't know, the simpler it all seems to me, the happier I am.

I'm not sure what direction I'm going with in my blog. I'll probably just write about whatever makes me feel happy to be here.

Thanks for the read,


*Names have been changed.

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