Let us go out without knowing.

11:18 PM

2017 will bring a lot of things.

It will bring me moving into my first house.

The start of my last year of college.

My teacher certification in two subject areas.

And a whole lot more that I cannot foresee.

Can you feel the anxiety of the unknown? I feel it very often. Much more than I would like to admit.

The future can be a very scary thing. I like to organize and plan my life as much as I can in order for it to go exactly my way. I look into future jobs, try to control where I will be, save as much money as I can, etc. But none of this makes me happy right now. It just makes me feel a little bit comfortable, and even more anxious. And with all of that, it won't make me happy when the time comes either.

This morning, will all of these worries still heavy on my chest and shoulders, I opened my devotional. At the top of the page it asked me a very important question: Will you go out without knowing?

My instincts tell me not to. But I know that my instincts are not usually matched with God's desires for me.

Worrying about our lives won't do anything. We must "go out" and live every day devoted to Him, on the track He has put us on, and focus on only that. God will never tell us what His plan is. But the more that we rest in knowing that He has it, and give up on pursuing the answers, the more we will be amazed at His beauty and wonder.

"He went out, not knowing where he was going" (Hebrews 11:8)

I know a few things that will happen this year. But I don't know a lot. I want to live this year like my devotional has written in, and hopefully ingrain that way of life forever. I want to "go out" into the world with eyes for God, His beauty, and His grace.

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone has had a great season :)

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