Origami Owl - What it means to me.

8:39 PM

I've been getting Origami Owl Core charms from my family for a while now. I love how simple they are, and how they each mean something. Each charm comes with meaningful quote attached, and they are all small reminders to me throughout the day.

The glittering star represents what's "in the stars." "The hands that created the stars created your destiny" it reminds me.

The dream catcher is a constant reminder that my dreams are real and can be achieved, even though I'm not a little kid anymore.

The fox represents intuition. I'm the kind of person who has a strange sense of what's right and what's going on in any given situation. This charm reminds me to trust my gut.

The fairy comes with a mantra of "believe in yourself."

The big dipper, which you can't see in this photo because it's bent upward, is called kismet. My friends and I have a deal with kismet- which means fate. Everything happens for a reason, says kismet. We decided to name out house next year "Kismet" in honor of our friendship.

The anchor, "Captain of my soul," is one that I look at often. The anchor reminds me that I am anchored in Jesus Christ, and that there is more than this world. It reminds me to center myself on God and His son.

The rose-gold tag on the end actually says "Thy will be done," which is pretty self explanatory. It reminds me that it is God's will, not my own, that will prevail.

The origami elephant simply means "remember." This charm pretty much states the purpose of the bracelet: remember who you are.

The open rose-gold heart says to "open your eyes & open your heart to feel what you cannot see." This is yet another reminder to me of God's unending love. I cannot often see it, no, but it is there. As long as I keep focused on that, I am doing well.

Each of these charms hold stories for me. It helps that they're all rose gold, gold, and silver too. I love looking at them and simply being centered in my values and who I am. I highly recommend that you check out their brand, because I really enjoy their bracelets.

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  1. I love charm bracelets and I didn't know Origami Owl made ones like these!


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